I am a women with many roles. The role that is most important to me is that of wife and mother. I have three beautiful children.  I  have one teenager and one preteen. My youngest child, my son Austin, sustained a massive brain injury at 5 weeks of age. Today he is 8 years old and still much like an infant. This is our journey.

This year, I turn the big 40! I am very interested in natural foods and a natural lifestyle. I do enjoy modern conveniences though and would consider myself somewhat spoiled. My interests include biking, walking, photography, and reading and of course learning about health!

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  1. Michelle says:


    My son suffered a late Vit K Deficiency bleed too at 6.5weeks. He HAD the Vit K jab. In his case he had a choledochal cyst which meant that there was an anomaly in his biliary system which could be the reason why the Vit K was not retained in his body. He ended up with quite a massive brain stem/cerebellum bleed and spent 5 months in the hospital for the post bleed complications and to remove the cyst.

    He’s now 17 months and still much like an infant. Thankfully he doesn’t have seizures and cognitively he seems to comprehend the world around him. But physically he’s not able to swallow, he’s limp like a ragdoll and still does not have head control.

    Our little guy has been through a lot and it’s a miracle that he’s around and doing as well as he possibly can. We thank God every day for him and we thank God (hard as it is) that this has brought us closer to Him.

    I just felt compelled to drop a message because you are the first parent I know whose child suffered Vit K deficiency bleed.


    • jendarwade says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Sorry I am just now responding. Thanks so much for your post. This past year is the first time I have found other parents whose children suffered from vitamin k bleeds. So your son had the shot but still had a deficiency bleed? This is the first I have heard of that happening. Do doctors know what they could of done to prevent that? Sounds like your son is a very strong lil man. I know that mine is. They do teach us so much.

      If you would like to talk sometime send me a message at jenwade@centurytel.net.

      Take care and thank you so much for your message.


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